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harmony farms cartridges (min order: 10)



Harmony Farms is a tier 3 producer-processor based out of Lacey, Washington. Since 2015, Harmony has produced high quality flower and extracts while keeping a natural and organic approach to every harvest. Each strain they grow is tested for heavy metals and pesticides before packaging to ensure consistent positive effects every hit. We’ve been carrying Harmony Farms high-terp, c02, and distillate strain specific vape cartridges for years and they’re still some of our best sellers. Available in half gram, full gram 510 threaded carts and Airo Pro’s proprietary cartridges.some of our  strains  include; Blue Dream, Harlequin (high CBD), Chem Dawg, and 24k Gold, Purple Arrow, Pink Lemonade, XJ-13, White Tara, Jesus OG, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Harmony Farms, True OG,Sour Diesel